Screen Windows

Screen windows, Windows with crank, screens with access-through

Screen Doors

Screen doors are made with aluminum frame or steel frame if the door is taller than standard size; recommended being steel frame to last longer.

Alarm Screens

Alarm screens have wiring in them, which if an intruder cuts or removes them from the window, a house alarm will go off.

Security Screens

Security screen: some houses, for more security, install security screen door, or bars on windows.



Windows: older windows are single pain glass. Newer windows are double pane glass. Double pane glasses are energy efficient. You save money on electric and gas bill.

Window Glass

Window glass, some old fashion windows are made with L-channel steel -frame

Wooden framed screen windows

Wooden framed screen windows: some houses are historical houses that have window screens that are made with wood frames, instead of aluminum frames.

Window Screen

Window screen: comes in aluminum frames, which come in 3 different colors: brown, white, and silver. It is recommended to choose the color of the screen frame that matches the glass window frame.

Windows glass replacement

Windows glass replacement, when one side of double pane glass brakes or moisture gets in-between both glasses, the window needs both panes to be changed.

Store front door and window

Store front door and window: replacing broken glass windows or doors, or redoing a complete door and window.


Shower door and enclosure, frameless glass, Custom made

Normal shower doors and enclosures are made with 3/8 thickness tempered-safety glass, with self-centered stainless steel hitches. Panel-glasses are mounted to walls with clamps or U channels. They are also stainless steel, and come in variety of colors.

Glass Closet Door

Glass closet door: with glass, without glass, self- centered hitches.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves: custom made glass shelves for cabinet or store and show cases.

Glass wall or wind brake panel

Glass wall or wind brake panel: custom glass wall, for the front of fire place, or for the balcony and around the pool area, divider.

Table Top

Table top: custom made table tops with tempered or non tempered glass, varying in thickness.



Framed mirror or wall mirror

Wardrobe closet mirror

Wardrobe closet mirror: custom made wardrobe closet mirror comes in 5 different color frames, white, gold, bronze, chrome, and brush nickel.


Sliding screen door

Security screen door: Sliding screen door: comes in aluminum frame, which comes in 3 different colors: brown, white, silver. It is recommended choose the color that matches the glass door frame.

Replacing hardware

Replacing hardware: Replacing hardware like crank, lock, door handle, for window or door.

Sliding patio door

Sliding patio door: either replacing broken glass patio door, or changing the complete patio door.


Handrail : A.D.A. handrail for residential and commercial use.


Tinting glass

Tinting glass: For reducing the suns heat.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Windows, entryways, sidelights, kitchen cabinets providing vast opportunities to showcase the timeless appeal of decorative art glass, stained glass or leaded glass.Integratinting a one-of-a-kind piece into your décor has never been easier. We take pride in offering our clients the best in windows that create privacy or a style that will blend with your decor. Our skill craftsman will take all the measurements... develop a design that will meet your needs.

Emergency Board Up